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McMansion Hell Proposal

McMansion Hell Proposal

The concept of this identity proposal for McMansion Hell is rooted in a vector-line front elevation of a hot garbage house. I use the letterforms M & H to construct varied and nonsensical rooflines, integrating a notorious 'nub', a pointless 'great room' window, and disproportional columns among other defects. 

The logo itself is a simplified take on the house illustration (for clarity as a tumblr user icon) placed as negative space in a frame of hellfire.

The house can be rendered in full detail for larger-resolution peripheral applications, like the tumblog wallpaper, as mocked-up below. 

The color scheme is simple and flexible depending on what you had in mind - I chose to feature the design here in a bright coral to evoke fiery reds and oranges, while staying contemporary, easy on the eyes, and avoiding a degree of visual cliché.


Main Logo Concept

Full Detail McMansion, For Backgrounds
and Other Higher-Res Applications.

 Mockup Of Tumblr Page With Logo Icon & Background

Mockup Of Tumblr Page With Logo Icon & Background


Additional Logo Variants

Additional Potential Logo/Background Combinations

Additional Colorways